Assorted Cookie & Pastry Box


Assorted Cookie & Pastry Box

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20PC: Roasted green tea(1), Oatmeal apricot(1), Almond raisins(1), Lemon Cake(1), Raspberry jam(1), Double chocolate chips(1), Sable(1), Snow ball(1), Pecan tart(1), Elephant ear(1), Ganache(1), Cocoa biscuit(1), Toffee Chocolate chips(1), Tea cake(1), Green tea financier(1), Bakewell(1), Hazelnut(1), gateau Basque(1), Gateau Chocolat(1), Tuile(1)

50PC: Roasted green tea(3), Oatmeal apricot(3), Almond raisins(3), Gateau Chocolat(3), Raspberry jam(3), Double chocolate chips(3), Sable(3), Snow ball(3), Pecan tart(3), Elephant ear(3), Ganache(3), Cocoa biscuit(3), Tea cake(3), Green tea financier(3), Lemon cake(3), Hazelnut(3), gateau Basque(3)

100PC: Roasted green tea(6), Oatmeal apricot(6), Almond raisins(6), Gateau Chocolat(6), Raspberry jam(6), Double chocolate chips(6), Sable(6), Snow ball(6), Toffee chocolate chips(6), Elephant ear(6), Ganache(6), Cocoa biscuit(6), Tea cake(6), Green tea financier(6), Lemon Cake(6), Hazelnut(6), gateau Basque(6)

Shelf life: Recommended to consume in the same calendar date.

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INGREDIENTS: wheat, eggs, sugar, butter, baking powder, baking soda, ginger, almonds, pecans, pistachios, sesame, cashews, hazelnuts, raspberry, cherry, orange peels, oats, apricots, raisins, rum, cocoa, salt, chocolate, cream, coconut, passionfruit, roasted green tea, cinnamon, agar agar, arrow root starch, maple, soy

PACKAGE: comes in a box. (*No individual bag packing.)

ALLERGENS: gluten, lactose, egg, nuts, liquor

SHELF LIFE: 3 days

STORAGE NOTE: Please keep at room temperature.